What is this?

23 Research Things Cambridge is a training programme that will introduce you to 23 research tools or concepts to help inform your studies, research, or knowledge of the research process. The programme is based upon previous 23 Things-style programmes, notably those at The University of Melbourne, The University of Oxford, the DH23Things programme organised by the Digital Humanities Network for arts and humanities researchers in Cambridge, as well as the brilliant Cam 23 (Cambridge 23 Things for Librarians) programme.

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Who is it for?

Anyone can take part in the 23 Research Things programme whether you are working at undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral, or researcher/academic level. Those working directly with students and researchers are also welcome to take part.

So what are you going to cover?

All topics will be presented as an overview with some specific examples to give context so you can apply them to your own individual situation. Most topics will be discipline-free but a few will have a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) slant as the programme will be run by the Betty and Gordon Moore Library team who specialise in these subject areas. However we’re confident non-STEM participants will be able to still apply the ideas discussed to their work.

We’ll be covering a whole range of different things such as using Twitter for research, how to collaborate using tools, and how to communicate ideas and research to different audiences.

When will it be and how much time will it take?

The 23 Research Things programme will run during Michaelmas Term 2016, starting officially on 10 October and running through to Friday 2 December 2016. We will release around 2-3 new ‘things’ each week for you to explore and experiment with. The programme is self-directed and reflective so all participants are encouraged to blog about their experiences of the ‘things’ that we cover. (Don’t worry, we’ll cover blogging early on!)

You can join the programme at any time and dip in and out of topics if you do not have time to do the whole thing but anyone who does blog about all 23 Research Things during the running of the programme will get a shiny certificate at the end plus our eternal gratitude and respect for being so dedicated.

If you are keen to do even more things, we will also be offering some live teaching sessions as part of the Betty and Gordon Moore Library’s education programme in parallel with 23 Research Things so we’ll let you know as and when they are happening.

How do I sign up?

There’s no need to sign up. Just follow this blog and you will get an email alert every time a new Thing is released. Complete the activities, blog about the Things we cover and then let us know where your blog is so we can read it and give you that certificate if you’ve completed everything! Again, if you aren’t able to do the whole programme that is fine, you can still follow along and benefit from the resources that are shared.

Who is behind all of this?

The 23 Research Things programme has been put together by Georgina Cronin, the Betty and Gordon Moore Library’s Research Support Librarian (and many of her colleagues). If you have any questions, you can email Georgina or find her through Twitter.

Have you got any resources like posters or a timetable?

Yes we do! Here’s a lovely poster for you to print off, a quick handout with all of the above information and a timetable, or a snazzy flyer version of our poster with a bonus timetable on the back. Enjoy!