We consume a huge amount of news and information in our daily lives but have you ever thought about what it would be like to turn that consumption into something new and useful for other people? We will look at several curation tools that will allow you to do just that.

In Thing 5 we looked at Twitter and the myriad of different ways in can be used for communication. But how do you capture all of that information in a way that you can keep and come back to for reference? Well check out this video to learn more.

Video transcript

Here are the Storify links mentioned in the above video:

Here’s a handout with an overall summary of each tool that we’ve discussed in the video above.

Thing 6 activities

Explore two of the tools that we have covered in Thing 6

Write about your thoughts and experiences of experimenting with these tools

Do these tools seem useful? Can you see yourself using them in your work? If so, how would you use them?

Thing 6 learning outcomes

You should be able to understand how live events take place on social media

You should be able to understand the benefits of documenting events

You have had the opportunity to engage and experiment with curation tools

You should have reflected on Thing 6 though blogging

Image: Novartis AG