People can get their information from a range of different places these days and YouTube is an extremely popular source of quick, visual information. Anyone can use YouTube to watch content and upload their own content. You don’t need anything too fancy either, often just a microphone with some images will do or a quick few shots using a handy mobile phone or even just talking to your laptop’s inbuilt webcam. You can also hold a Google Hangout where people talk about a certain topic in real time. Check out our convenient YouTube video learn more.

Video transcript

We’ve used YouTube for all of the videos for this programme because it means that anyone can benefit from the things we are exploring as they are publicly accessible and (hopefully) short and informative. Plus, with a relatively simple range of kit, we were able to create content that allows viewers to understand concepts quickly and in a visual way.

As mentioned in the above YouTube video, anyone can also record a podcast and there are plenty of free tools and apps out there. Podcasting is especially accessible on a smartphone so download the app, hit record and away you go.

Thing 11 activities

Try out YouTube and explore the range of podcast platforms that are out there

Find one great YouTube video and one great podcast and link to them in a blog post

Explain why you chose them

Blog about your experience and whether you think you might use YouTube or podcasting in the future, either as a consumer or a creator

Thing 11 learning outcomes

You should be able to understand alternative communication tools

You should have engaged with these new tools

You should have reflected on existing communication work

You should have reflected on Thing 11 through blogging

Image: Mister G.C.