Welcome to Week 6! This week we’re looking at Collaboration in Research.

At some point in your work you will need to work collaboratively with another person, or a group of people. Sending countless emails back and forth during a project can be quite time-consuming and even confusing when you can’t remember which version of a document you might be working on. Plus, trying to get a convenient time to meet arranged can be equally frustrating.

As you probably guessed, there are many tools out there that can help streamline collaborative work so check out this video and go on a collaborative journey with us.

Video transcript

We also have this handout summarising the tools covered in the video.

Going further…

The University Information Services team now offer access to OneDrive for all members of the University of Cambridge. This gives you secure cloud storage, the option to share documents with others and collaborate on them, plus 1 TB of storage options for you to back up any projects. More information can be found on the UIS website.

Thing 15 activities

Try out the tools covered in Thing 15

Maybe try arranging a meeting with someone, even just a quick coffee, and then screengrab your efforts and pop them in your blogpost

Blog about your experience of the tools, including examples of how you tested them. Will you use any of these tools? Are there some tools you’re already using that are better?

Thing 15 learning outcomes

You should understand benefits of online collaboration tools

You should be able to apply some of these tools (or concepts) to you work

You should have reflected on Thing 15 through blogging

Image: Fabrice Florin