There are times when you want to do a really cool project but you don’t have the funding to do it. Have you ever considered crowdfunding it? Or you might not have enough researchers to go through all of that data that you just collected. Have you thought about tapping in to citizen science?

Check out our video to learn more.

Video transcript

Here are some links to resources mentioned in the above video. Here’s the European Commission paper on citizen science, and if you want to identify penguin species in Antarctica, look for comets in space, or spot microscopic plankton, now you can!

Thing 16 activities

Write a blogpost reflecting on the topics covered in Thing 16

Do you have an idea for a project that could be crowdfunded?

What do you think about the democratisation of research and science through citizen science projects?

Thing 16 learning outcomes

You should understand the potential offered by crowdfunding

You should understand the significance of citizen science for research and outreach

You should be able to apply these concepts to your own work

You should have reflected on Thing 16 through blogging

Image: Fabrice Florin