Sometimes you need to run a survey. Whether simple or complex, getting the right tool for creating your survey is key. There are lots of free versions out there such as Survey Monkey but the paid-for options are often quite expensive. Well there’s good news as the University of Cambridge subscribes to the brilliant Qualtrics package.

Check out our video to find out why we think Qualtrics is so good.

Video transcript

Thing 17 activities

Sign up for a Qualtrics account through UIS
(University of Cambridge members only. Sorry.)

Create a small survey (around 5 questions) on any topic

Tweet a link to your survey and share it

Check out any results that come in through exploring the results functionality

Write a blogpost about your experience of using Qualtrics as well as any previous experience with survey software

Thing 17 learning outcomes

You should have explored the options offered by survey software

You should know how to compose a short survey as well as how to share it

You should know how to receive and unpack survey results

You should have reflected on Thing 17 through blogging

Image: Fabrice Florin