Welcome to Week 7! This week we’re going to be looking at Managing Your Data.

Good management of your data is critical to the success of any project, whether it is an academic piece of research or something a bit more day-to-day such as filing important documents or even moving house. Everyone generates data throughout their working lives and you might not always realise that just because you aren’t using spreadsheets and statistics, you are still working with data.

Data can present itself in many different forms and all disciplines use data in some form so it isn’t just limited to the subjects you would expect such as the sciences. Plus, good Research Data Management practices in your work can help you be more organised in your personal life too as these skills can apply to lots of different situations.

So, what is good RDM? Check out this video to learn more.

Video transcript

Here’s a handy checklist to help get you started with planning your RDM strategy.

Thing 18 activity

Blog about your own experience of RDM. Have you ever lost data? Maybe you left your USB behind or had a laptop die on you. Have you ever lost paper notes? What happened and how did you recover?

Thing 18 learning outcomes

You should understand the significance of good (and bad) RDM practices

You should know about available RDM resources

You should be able to apply RDM concepts to your own work and experience

You should have had the opportunity to reflect on your own RDM experience

Image: Abby flat-coat