In Thing 12, we explored how put together really good presentations and focused on the visual impact of those presentations. But visual impact isn’t just limited to good quality images and clever font choices. It also applies to any data that you might have as part of your overall presentation.

Whether a simple bar chart or something a bit more complicated, how you present your data can determine whether your audience understands your excellent conclusions or are left squinting at a really dense and confusing scatter diagram that they can’t really see.

Check out our video to learn more.

Video transcript

Thing 20 activity

Blog about presenting your data

Which is your favourite chart of choice when it comes to presenting data? Have you seen some really bad data presentations? What made them so bad? Have you seen some really good ones and what made them good?

Try out one of the data visualisation tools mentioned in the video and blog about your experience. Maybe link to your final product

Thing 20 learning outcomes

You should be able to understand the importance of good data presentation

You should be able to reflect on the most appropriate graph choices

You should be able to understand the differences between presenting data live and through traditional media such as a research article

You should have experience of using online data visualisation tools

You should have reflected on Thing 20 through blogging

Image: Abby flat-coat