We’ve covered a lot of tools and concepts over the past few weeks. 22 tools and concepts to be precise and if you’re still with us at this point then well done! We are almost at our last and final Thing…the unveiling of the Ultimate Research Tool.

One tool to rule them all…you get the idea. So check out the Ultimate Research Tool video to find out what on earth it is. Go on! Now!

Video transcript

Now you’ve watched the video, gosh. What a reveal!

Thing 23 activities

Reflect on and blog about the Ultimate Research Tool. Do you agree with our choice and what role does the tool play in your life? Will you use it differently in the future now you’ve taken this programme and watched the video above?

Also, take some time to reflect and blog about the overall 23 Research Things programme. What were the top things you learned? What Things were you not so convinced by? What tools and concepts will you take forward with you as you move on through your life and career?

We want to reflect on how we did too during 23 Research Things so please let us know through this handy Qualtrics survey. You can also win an Amazon voucher by taking part! (Prize draw now finished but you can still leave feedback!)

Thing 23 learning outcomes

You should understand the role of the Ultimate Research Tool in the research process and beyond

You should have had the opportunity to reflect on your learning and experience of the 23 Research Things programme

You should have blogged about Thing 23

Farewell…for now

And that’s it for 23 Research Things, or at least for now. Thank you for going on this journey with us and we hope you learned lots of new and shiny things. So, until next time…bye!

Image: Miroslav Vajdic