By the time you read this, the first live run of the 23 Research Things programme will have just concluded with (hopefully) lots of success and accolades.

But what actually goes into making a programme like 23 Research Things? Why did we use YouTube videos and what did Moore Methods have to do with it all? Well in our typical style, we made a video about it so check it out.

Bonus Thing 24 activities

Watch some videos from any of the following channels: The Brain Scoop [can contain dissections so watch with caution], PBS Ideas Channel, SciShow.

What did you like about the suggested videos that you watched? What didn’t you like? Is there anything that they did or featured that you could incorporate into your research or work?

What did you think about our Moore Methods videos?

To help us do better at this sort of thing, don’t forget to leave us some feedback using our short Qualtrics survey. We’d really appreciate it and we’ll enter you into a prize draw to win an Amazon voucher! (Prize draw now closed but still leave feedback!)

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Bonus Thing 24 learning outcomes

You should have explored alternative science communication content on YouTube

You should have had the opportunity to reflect on different YouTube content and applied that reflection to your own work

You should have had the opportunity to provide feedback about the 23 Research Things programme