23 Research Things Cambridge is a self-directed training programme that introduces 23 research tools or concepts to help inform how people study, research, and builds knowledge of the research process.

Participants can join the programme at any time, there’s no need to sign up. Either follow along in real time (the programme will run live between 10 October 2016 and 2 December 2016) or just dip in and out of the resources shared at your leisure. Participants who blog about all of the Things will be eligible to get a shiny certificate of achievement!

The programme is based upon previous 23 Things-style programmes, notably those at The University of Melbourne, The University of Oxford, the DH23Things programme organised by the Digital Humanities Network for arts and humanities researchers in Cambridge, as well as the brilliant Cam 23 (Cambridge 23 Things for Librarians) programme.

23 Research Things Cambridge has been developed and run by Georgina Cronin, the Research Support Librarian at the Betty & Gordon Moore Library, part of Cambridge University Library.